#KU_WWI #IheartBosnia Mini Reenactment

The #KU_WWI Twitter Project #IheartBosnia mini reenactment features an ensemble of characters and their activities in the months and days leading up to June 28th,1914.

In Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (@ArchdukeFranziand Duchess Sophie (@Duchess_Sophie) arrive, exchanging telegrams with their children, visiting local tourist sites, and never knowing of the assassins stalking their every move (@G_Princip1914@N_Cabrinovic). Governor Oskar Potiorek (@GovPotiorek1914insists that the route of the imperial couple’s official visit be published in local newspapers, while fictional pastry chef Dmitrije Stefanovic (@KingofCevapi), who represents the many innocent bystanders of Sarajevo, complains incessantly about the needless fuss and pomp while going about his daily activities as a Serb business owner in Bosnia.

Over in Belgrade, King Peter I of Serbia (@PeterI_Serbia) deals with an attempted coup while Serbian Chief of Intelligence Dragutin “Apis” Dimitrjević (@BlackHandApisreceives push back from fellow Black Hand members.

Off in Germany, the British Navy arrives for the Kiel Regatta Gala, a celebration of the two country’s naval might, and an alarmingly prescient competition for what would come… (@PM_Asquith, @Wilhelm_II). While over in France, French President Raymond Poincaré (@Prez_Poincare) finally ends the political struggle over the three-year service law, pleasing their allies in Russia (@Tsar_NickyII).

More cacophonous than any of the other #KU_WWI tweetenactments, #IheartBosnia features familiar as well as several new voices.  Many of the tweets are direct quotes and all of the events actually happened — yes, including Archduke Franz Ferdinand getting bitten by a bear.

The #KU_WWI #IheartBosnia English extended edition includes the full ensemble chorus  as well as the delightfully creative additions of unknown voices from the twitterverse — members of the community chimed in with their own characters including unique perspectives from the Archduke’s car in Sarajevo (@luckystift1911) and that of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I’s beard (@Emperors_Beard).

The #KU_WWI #IheartBosnia German edition focuses on an exchange Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie had with Bosnian Governor Oskar Potiorek and Police Commissioner Dr. Edmond Gerde the day before their fateful visit to Sarajevo. Once again, the Archduke tried to cancel the visit while Governor Potiorek insisted on continuing as planned. Like the #All4USophie and #WhySarajevo transcripts, #IheartBosnia was translated into German by Lawrence-native Lea Greenberg, a recent graduate from Grinnell College.

All combined, the #IheartBosnia tweetenactment introduces readers to the creative and compelling, humanities-driven exploration of the Archduke’s assassination featured in the LIVE tweetenactment on June 28th.

Check out the #KU_WWI #IheartBosnia Mini Reenactment in 2 different languages:

To lean more about the #KU_WWI Twitter Project, go to: https://european.ku.edu/wwi-twitter-project

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