#KU_WWI #WhySarajevo Mini Reenactment

The #KU_WWI #WhySarajevo mini reenactment features a dialogue between Archduke Franz Ferdinand (@ArchdukeFranzi) and Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I (@Franz_Joseph_I) about the Archduke’s visit to Bosnia in late June 1914.

Check out the #KU_WWI #WhySarajevo Mini Reenactment in 2 different languages:

According to historians, Archduke Franz Ferdinand attempted to cancel his trip to Sarajevo multiple times. Many of the concerns he mentions in the reenactment were actual excuses he used – summer heat, his lungs, the Emperor’s poor health, etc. It seems, however, that the primary concern was security – the province of Bosnia seemed increasingly hostile towards Hapsburgs. The #WhySarajevo mini reenactment was posted on June 7th, 2014 exactly 100 years after the Archduke’s last formal request to Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I to cancel the trip.

The mini reenactment’s exchange about Duchess Sophie (@Duchess_Sophie) recreates a possible theory about why the Archduke agreed to the trip. As a morganatic spouse, Duchess Sophie was rarely allowed to accompany her husband on official state visits and was more often snubbed than given the royal treatment due the wife of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Since the purpose of the trip to Bosnia was to simply observe and inspect the Bosnian army in the field, Duchess Sophie was given permission by the Emperor to accompany Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo – and this rare opportunity to travel together may have convinced the Archduke to go.

The #WhySarajevo transcript was translated into German by Lawrence-native Lea Greenberg who recently graduated with a major in German and concentration in Russian and East European Studies from Grinnell College. Thanks, Lea!!

If you are interested in studying German at the University of Kansas, contact the KU Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures.

To lean more about the #KU_WWI Twitter Project, go to: https://european.ku.edu/wwi-twitter-project


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